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Gje din gåve til Robautviklingsfond
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Support our projects


Support our project!

As you can see on these pages there are many projects in progress.

Some projects are completed,  but there are a lot which have to be implemented in the future.

Planted tree

Would you be able to support our projects?

Roba Development Fund has built three schools in the district.

8 classrooms at Sanbate Sinkelle, 

3 classrooms and  at Katta Sifo,

4 classrooms and 1 toilet at Lokke Kecha,  

We have given the schools some desks.

The following projects are now in progress:

  • School projects, (building school and providing books and teaching aid)
  • A school project for younsters
  • Basic sanitation courses for  mothers
  • Environment projects like tree planting
  • The Bore-scout's project at Katta Sherkeno Church



 There are several ways to support the projects.

You decide which project you want to support and the amount you are willing to offer and how.

                 Single payment

       Monthly payment

       Alternative Christmas gift

We are grateful for the support you give to the development work in the Siraro-district! Please also persuade other people and individuals to support our projects.

Our Bank A/C is 3290 2144 896,

                      BIC / SWIFT. DNBANOKK, 

                     A/C for international payments,

                      IBAN: NO 45 3290 2144 896

For further information, please contact as at:

Roba Utviklingsfond, c/o Wako Roba
P. Krohns veg 64
4352 Kleppe

             Organaisation number: 992 625 821


E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Telephone: +47 513 20 116
Mobile Phone Number: +47 476 16 032

Thank you very much, in anticipation, for your assistance!

Mothers on basic sanitation course






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