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Gje din gåve til Robautviklingsfond
Hjem Alternative Christmas present

Alternative Christmas present


Summing up Christmas gift  2008

We have collected about 40 000 NOK. as alternative Christmas gift

NOK 17 475,- to school projects,

NOK 12 000,- to youngsters education projects

NOK 5 350,-  tree-planting (Environment) projects

NOK 4 750,-  to buy animal for needy families,

NOK 1000,- to the Katta Sherkeno Church.


Thank you very much for the support.

Alternative Christmas gift started among my co-workers at Nortura in 2006.

Since then it has become a tradition at my working  place.

At Christmas 2006 we collected about 40 000 NOK. We bought 98 animals given to 98 families.

During Alternative Christmasgift 2007 we received 98 000 NOK.

83 700 NOK goes to school -prosjects.

14 500 NOK to buy animal for the needy people.

We gave 122 animals to 122 families.

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