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Recognition Award to Roba Development Fund, read more here

Press Release
August 25, 2010
For Immediate Release

Last year we circulated on this forum an idea of recognizing the contribution of few people who in the past and currently striving to positively impact the lives of our people back home. Based on that idea, we  formed  an informal, nonpolitical, and nonreligious group  that will generate ideas, encourage those who make positive contribution for our people back home.  We named the group Arsii Development Initiative Group. The group's main objective is to materialize the the dreams of those who began The Arsii Basic School Movement. Any body who is interested could join this group. In the near future we will create a forum for crystallizing ideas on how and when your contributions are sought.

On August 24, 2010 we had  the first 2010 Arsii Development Initiative Award presentation to three individuals and an organization. The details of the award is attached herein. We also named individuals and organizations that deserve notable mention. The recipients are not the only individuals and the organizations making positive contributions to our people back home. There are thousands others who are doing the same thing if not better. But the resources are limited and  there is so much to be done with that resource. In the future we will be developing a who is who list of the top 100 people and organizations who are trying to bring social change in our area of focus.

Thank you
Gelgelu Felema
Gemechu Kurfessa
Arsii Development Initiative Group

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