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A School project for youngsters


A School project for youngsters

We have 10 boys and 10 girls at a boarding school in Kuyera Adventist College. We have students from the elementary classes up to the degree programs. Some of them are sponsered by our friends. We are paying for the rest of boys and girls from thecollections made as an alternative Christmas-present.

 All of the beneficiaries are getting nutritious food and good quality education.


The Kuyera Adiventist College is about 240 km. south of Addis Abeba in a place called Kuyera between Arsi Negelle and Shashemene. The College is run by the Adventist mission. It is a very good quality boarding-school.



The Siraro community was not used to send their children to the school. Specially girls have small opportunity to go to school. The chance to get married at an early age is high!  Very often girls and boys get married when they are about 12 years old against their will. 


At Kuyera Advetist College all the girls are safe and the chance of getting kidnapped and married against their interest is very low!  



It costs about NOK. 5000 for a year for one student to study at Kuyera. This amount includes the school fees and some pocket money.


People who sponsor some of the youngsters are paying their money hrough Roba Development fund.


Children in the following picture have not got a chance to go to school. They are forced to taking care of the animals while they desperate for education. If we get more funds we can help at least some of them to go to school.


Please help us to help them!


Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 October 2012 21:08